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Disability Discrimination Legal Service

Monday 26 Jun 2017

The Disability Discrimination Legal Service (DDLS) is operated by the Cairns Community Legal Centre Inc.


What does the DDLS do?

The DDLS is a free legal service for people with a disability who have been treated unfairly or discriminated against because of their disability.

Community legal education and awareness-raising activities are also an important aspect of the DDLS.


What is disability discrimination?

Disability discrimination occurs when someone is treated unfairly or badly compared to others in the same or similar circumstances, because they have a disability.


What is meant by "disability"?

Disability is defined very broadly.  Anyone who has a physical, sensory, mental, neurological, learning or intellectual impairment may identify as having a disability.

Disabilities include:

  • visual, speech or hearing impairments
  • psychiatric or mental health conditions (eg depression, schizophrenia)
  • impairments affecting limbs, muscles or bones
  • medical conditions (eg. diabetes, AIDS or being HIV positive, heart disease, cancer, epilepsy, hepatitis)
  • learning difficulties
  • intellectual disabilities
  • mental illness.

Disabilities can come from illness, disease or injury or they may be present at birth or be developmental. Disabilities may be temporary or permanent.

Those who use a wheelchair, guide dog or some other remedial device may also identify as having a disability.


Who can use the DDLS?

The DDLS is available to people with a disability in North Queensland

In some cases, 'associates' of people with a disability, such as friends, partners or carers, can also use the DDLS.


Free legal advice is provided by appointment. Where necessary, by reason of distance or otherwise, telephone advice may also be provided.

Contact us to make an enquiry or book an appointment.


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Updated:   Dec 2016

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